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Last update: Jan 26th, 2018


Red Master was an initial project of Christopher Coria, who on September 7th of 2014 created the social network, was beginning to think of anything that would put him appoint, add, and so on. Over time it became clear to form a team of programmers to assist in the design and operation of Red Master and thats why we created the "Red Master Team", which consists of more than 20 programmers specialists in different areas.

It was not only helping them, but also helped the corporation Elgg® in the functionality of the network.

Finally, the social network was inaugurated on December 20th of 2014, and to date, we continue improving the platform more and more.

Applications for Developers


Red Master is currently developing an API system, which serves are used to perform actions (like create Blogs, Polls, Events, Post states, etc) within a single page-based commands.

Calls to the API require authentication, either through a special API code or code generation using an account.

For the special API code you need to contact us in order to give you your code.


Plugins are advanced tools that allow the programmer/webmaster make a profit from it.

The applications available in this section will give you the possibility of using certain contents of Red Master to your website or perhaps use some content from social network to help in handling any functionality or content for developers.