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Last update: Jan 26th, 2018



At the moment the API calls that require authentication are in improvement, but it is possible to use him, please let us know if you find any mistake using our contact form of Red Master.

Red Master is currently developing an API system, which serves are used to perform actions (like create Blogs, Polls, Events, Post states, etc) within a single page-based commands.

All API calls require authentication, either through a special API code or code generation using an account.

For the special API code you need to contact us in order to give you your code.

The Red Master API is accessible both from special applications using APIs and from the URL of the platform to make calls to the API.

Using the API can perform actions (create blogs, polls, posting on the wire), get information (user, platform, etc.), get file access (remote, names, etc.) and much more between some more features.

Get started using the API

Special API code for authentication:

In order to make API calls by using this method, you need to contact our team and explain your intentions to use the API and how you want to use.

Both methods requires parameters for the call. The parameter to enter the special code in an API call is this:


* {code} = Code that you received from our team.

When you authenticate your code, you can perform the API services. Here is an example of using this API method:


API authentication by using your account:

In order to make API calls, this method must acquire a password of your Red Master account, to acquire must enter this parameter:



The call to the API must be invoked using "POST", you should create an application that allows you to run the application. A practical example of an API call using PHP and cURL can be viewed at the following link:

Once the code is obtained, you must use the following parameter to enter the code in a call to the API: