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Last update: Jan 28th, 2017


The plugins in our platform are programs that can be used in the blog to develop applications on our platform. Our plugins extends the functionality for the user (for the applications developed) and for our team (for applications to develop the site and then see if they will be implemented in the blog), and can be used under the developer's responsibility and blog's team.

The plugins in the blog has the ability to help the developer to build applications for using them on the platform, extending the platform functionalities and these are approved and tested by our team to acquire our system.

At the moment, we have only available with applications ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS.



Our plugins help developers to create applications to integrate to our blog or for them to integrate into their own blogs, as the WordPress systems provide the same functionality of the plugins on any platform.

We have more than 12 plugins dedicated to the operation of creating applications for WordPress platforms.