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Last update: Jan 28th, 2017


In early December 2014, Master Coria created a page where he had the ability to post entries related to: game hacks, tutorials, etc. This project was launched by WordPress, who helped with the overall performance of the platform's blog.

Between the end of December 2014, began to publish the first entries in the platform and began to use the first reforms of design and safety of the blog. The first 100 visitors came the first day to publicize the existence of the blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

In early 2015, more and more entries were published and began to get more visitors from different parts of the world: Costa Rica, UBA, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Union SobiƩtica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, etc. And there were so many registered users in the platform.

With the passage of time have been published posts related to: hacks, help, tutorials and improvements. Have been made the design of the platform, have been implemented terms of use of the site and have made more improvements like: security and privacy. Now, we are using the JSON API service platform for developers to work and manage the platform commands API calls.

Today, our platform is a great helper for all those gamers and developers, and over time it will be for most people of different trades and tastes, we hope to be an important blog and look forward to more visits.


Applications for Developers:

The Blog of Master Coria has been working every day to improve the new service: the JSON API. This service seeks developers and all those who operate on the platform to perform actions based on command and that they can create, edit and/or get site information from one place. It is made to perform actions such as: The creation of entries, media, comments, edit profile information, posts, comments and much more.

The API looks better manage content from one place. It is available for use with specialized applications as well as APIs for use from a specific base URL.


Plugins are advanced tools that allow the programmer/webmaster/user to make a profit from it.

The applications available in that section will give the possibility to developers to test the platform and create plugins for use on the platform or on other platforms.